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Why A Mirror Booth Is Better Than A Regular Photo Booth

Photo booths are a fun activity for people at different events. You’ve probably seen many photo booths at carnivals and other similar events. It is a fun activity to get your pictures taken with your friends and family using various props. People prefer photo booths at events as they bring life to the party. This mirror booth technology has been used everywhere and many people from different countries all over the world have started opting for them.

Canberra is one of the cities that is known to use mirror booth technology.

Over the years, photo booth technology has evolved drastically. Whereas the traditional photo booth is loved by everyone, there is a newer technology in town! Mirror booths have drastically taken over the world by storm. People are using them for formal events such as weddings. Not only are they restricted to weddings but there are certain red carpet events that have these mirror booths placed at the entrance.

Why is the trend changing and why are people more inclined towards mirror booths rather than a regular photo booth? Well, to find that out, we will compare and contrast between the two.

Mirror booth Vs Regular photo booth

While a traditional and regular booth has been loved by many people, the mirror booth is the new technology that everyone is demanding. This is mostly because mirror booths give the audience something new and exciting rather. Now you can walk to an event and go take pictures in front of a mirror! Yes, you read that right. A mirror booth, as the name suggests, is a mirror through which you and your friends or family can take pictures easily through the use of LED lights.

That does sound exciting, doesn’t it? Mostly, the mirror booth operates indoors so that the sun glare doesn’t affect the quality or functioning of the pictures taken.


Through a regular photo booth, you need to be in an enclosed box to get your pictures taken. It gets a bit cramped and you can’t fit a lot of people in that confined area to take pictures. When it comes to mirror booths, it operates in an open space where a lot of people can take part in the picture. The more people there are, the more fun it is!


While traditional photo booths are mostly only used for fun informal events such as carnivals, mirror photo booths can be used with formal events as well. They can be decorated and presented elegantly and beautifully to go along with the décor of the Red Carpet Event.


Traditional and mirror booths, both, give out high-quality pictures, no doubt. However, mirror booths give you an option of choosing an option to sign the touchscreen of the booth with your name or add a favourite saying to your picture. You can also add super fun graphics to your photo to make it look cool! You can easily get the pictures, within 2 days, featuring a size of 4x6. This is an ideal size of the picture that you can keep with you as something memorable.

The mirror booth experience that Red Carpet Events offers is one of a kind. It is this unique experience that makes mirror booths better than regular photo booths. So if you are looking for high quality mirror booths in Canberra then look no further than Red Carpet Events.





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